Informational Flyers & Handouts

Southwest Strategic Plan: December 2, 2019

On December 2, Principal Rotosky shared with staff and parents about the larger Durham Public Schools strategic plan, and gave a quick presentation on how it relates to Southwest. The slides can be downloaded and reviewed below. 

Best Practices for Gender Inclusive Classrooms and Schools

Gender inclusive schools recognize that gender impacts all students regardless of race, ethnicity, class background, culture of origin, age, ability status, and other aspects of identity. Gender inclusive schools ideally create both “window” and “mirror” opportunities for all students – windows through which all students gain empathy and understanding about gender diversity; and mirrors for transgender and gender diverse students in which to see themselves as valid and normal. The downloadable PDF includes best practices, example language, and follow-up resources that can serve as a jumping-off point in thinking about implementing gender inclusion work in your day-to-day interactions with students and families.

Dyslexia Awareness

Dyslexia (dis-LEK-see-uh) is a type of learning disability that affects 1 in 5 students. It is the term used when people have trouble learning to read, even though they’re smart enough and want to learn. Download our handout to learn more about dyslexia.