Parent FAQ

Contact Information

Southwest Front Office
Phone: 919-560-3963

Principal: Nicholas Rotosky,
Assistant Principal: Torrey Flores,
Administrative Intern: Glenn Estacio,
Secretary: Petra Clemons,
Data Manager: Renee Harrington,

Your Child’s Teacher
A list of teachers can be found at the Southwest Staff Directory


ClassDojo is the main way that your child’s teacher will contact you. Expect to see weekly updates about your child and personal messages from your child’s teacher regarding the things happening in their classroom. The admin team will also post to ClassDojo about school wide events (please contact your child’s teacher if you are not receiving messages from both the teacher AND the school as a whole). ClassDojo is also available as an app for both iPhone and Android.

Sign up for the PTA Facebook Group where many people discuss events related to Southwest and the greater community.

Check your child’s backpack daily for the Friday Folder – this is the folder in which announcements are placed for your review. It may also include permission slips for field trips to sign and return. You can send notes back to the teacher through the Friday Folder, as well.

Follow Mr. Rotosky’s Weekly Message on the Southwest website.

ConnectEd – automated calls from the District and Southwest to the phone number you provided when you registered your child for school. Calls from ConnectEd will come from this phone number 919-560-2000. If you are not receiving these calls, please contact the front office at 919-560-3963.


Drop off and Pick up

Early/Alternate Dismissal
Parents/Guardians are required to sign students out at the front office. The front office will call the student from their classroom for dismissal.

Changes to transportation plans need to be communicated to the school before 2 pm (note to teacher, call to office at 919-560-3972)

Students will not be called for early dismissal after 2:45 pm.

Bus Transport
DPS provides bus transportation to and from Southwest:

To find the bus stop for your student, enter your child’s last name and your student’s ID (available from the office) in this website:

There is a DPS bus app that lets you track your child’s bus and offers the opportunity of a text alert when the bus is a certain distance from the stop:

Drop Off
Classrooms and doors open at 8:00 am. The goal is for all children to be in class at 8:20 am to unpack, socialize, and warm up for the day.  They are tardy at 8:30 am.

Between 8:00 am and 8:25 am you can enter with your student using the office door by the carpool circle.  When escorting your child to or from the building please park your vehicle in the main parking lot.

Children can be dropped off directly from the car at the carpool circle in the drive. They should exit on the passenger side directly to the sidewalk.  To keep things moving remember not to park in the drop off lane.

At 8:25 am doors are locked and entry is through the office door by the carpool circle. If you are dropping your student off at school after 8:25 am you must go into the front office to sign the child in.

Pick Up Times
Pick up begins at 3 pm and ends at 3:15 pm. 

After 3:15 pm students will be taken to the gym while you are contacted and asked to come and get them.

Pick Up (foot/bike)
Children are assembled by the carpool circle for pick up at 3:00 pm. Pedestrian pick up occurs at the main entrance, staff will not release your student until they have seen and acknowledged the person picking up the student.

Pick Up (car line)
Children are assembled by the carpool circle for pick up at 3:00 pm.

The carpool line forms at the beginning of the carpool circle and snakes through the main parking lot.

Families are assigned a carpool number that should hang from the rearview mirror. (Please note, cars without their hangtag will not be allowed to pick up their child in the carpool lane. They must park and sign in.)

This number will remain assigned to the student through 5th grade. Siblings share the same number.

Numbers can be obtained from the school secretary in the main office.

A teacher will call your student by his/her number.

Students will then walk to the carpool station indicated by the call.

You will advance to that station to pick up your child.

To ensure safety, students will not be allowed to go to a car that has not advanced to a carpool station.


Meals at Southwest

Breakfast is free for all at Southwest and served from 8 am until 8:20 am

Lunch is $2.90 and milk is 50 cents (unless student qualifies for free/reduced lunch)

Free/Reduced Lunch
The application for free/reduced school lunch can be obtained in the front office or by contacting School Nutrition Services at 919-560-2370 or online at:

The menu can be found at

Pre-pay by creating an account for your child at:

Before and After School

Enrollment and payment can be completed online at: or at the Community Ed office at 2107 Hillandale Road. Community Ed can be reached at 919-560-3816

Before school care operates from 6:30-8:00 AM.

After school care operates from 3:00-6:00 PM.

The program provides coverage on early release days but NOT on holidays or snow days.



Registering to Volunteer
Volunteers must register online at 
Registration may take 10 business days or more depending on the time of year.

Field Trips
Parents who wish to attend a field trip as a chaperone MUST be a cleared volunteer with DPS and are not allowed to ride district school buses.

There are many volunteer opportunities at Southwest. Read more about them on our Get Involved page.



Students are considered absent if they are at school for less than 1/2 the day.

To get an absence excused call the front office 919-560-3963 and explain what has happened to the school secretary.  She will inform you of relevant school policies and ask for any additional required documentation.

Students are considered tardy if they arrive after 8:30am.

When arriving after 8:25am an adult is required to sign them in at the front office.